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I won’t tackle President Bush’s lies about SCHIP, I’ll let someone else do it.
I choose conservative Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley from Iowa tackling the White House assertion – no, the White House lie – that Bush vetoed the bill because it provided health care help for “some households with incomes of up to $83,000 a year.”
Here is what the Senator had to say:

After hearing Bush say Thursday that he was going to veto the bill in part because it would allow families of four making $80,000 to place their children on the the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), Grassley blasted the president, saying his assertion was dead wrong.
“The president has been served wrong information about what our bill will do,” Grassley said Thursday between Senate votes. “There’s nothing in our bill that would do that. His understanding of the bill was wrong.”
Bush, in a morning news conference, told reporters that “Congress has made the decision to expand the program up to $80,000. … This is a step toward federalization of health care.”

Bottom line – the $83,000 figure is a lie that makes anything Pinocchio said look downright honest.

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