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Everyone in the sports world is trying to explain the remarkable rise of the Colorado Rockies. The team was won 21 of its last 22 games and is 7-0 in the playoffs. This would be big news no matter which team was doing it. That it is coming from a team that no expert or analyst predicted would be in the World Series a month ago makes it, in the words of some, miraculous.
Here’s one theory. They are winning because they are the religious team in baseball. Even the British are writing about it.

When one of the poorest, least fancied teams in professional baseball suddenly races out of nowhere and qualifies for the World Series playoffs, you might call it, well, a miracle.
As it turns out, that’s exactly how the Colorado Rockies – a team who previously seemed to be little more than a punching bag for the bigger, better, more lavishly funded organisations who play America’s favourite sport – view their nail-biting, against-the-odds, come-back-from-way-behind progress into this autumn’s post-season.
The team’s chief executive is a born-again Christian. So is the general manager and the team coach. Their two star players, along with many other members of their regular line-up, are not only believers but attend team-organised Bible studies.

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