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I got this from a friend senior in politics and senior in his faith as well:

My observations about having a third party candidate
from the christian right:
– It would seal the deal for the D’s winning the White
House due to the Perot / Nader effect;
– It would further marginalize the “Christian Right”
as an extremist political group;
– Many Republicans may see this as a positive,
allowing the party to run more from the center and
effectively saying to the christian right “good
riddins!” — as well as many Democrats who no longer
feel that their views are being represented by the
increasingly extreme Left;
– Is it a lost cause for the evangelical christian
community to work to influence both parties
irrespective of politics?
– On the positive, it would show that the evangelical
christian community is more interested in principles
than politics……
– ……HOWEVER, are the principles being purported
the ones that are most critical for followers of
Christ? I’m not so sure. Our society is in moral
decay and institutions like marriage and ideas like
loving your neighbors as yourselves have been severely
damaged, but I’m not so sure that laws are what’s
needed to fix these problems.
– It would likely have the effect of pushing more
church-going right-of-center people away from the
right and towards the center or out of the process
altogether for feeling that their views are no longer
represented by the right…again, marginalizing the
christian right.

Read this closely no matter how much you might disagree with any of the politics because what is behind and beneath these words is further evidence of the spiritual change occurring within the evangelical community – politics is fading ever so slightly and the spiritual is in the ascendency.

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