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My rant against the Values Voter Summit Straw Poll “agenda” question encouraged Donny to write defending it:

Christians have been REALLY helping the poor since Jesus gave Peter the keys. It is done by changing the immoral into morally sound individuals.
Your list proclaims the guilt and horror of the political Left:
Abortion: Has ravaged the poor community by supporting and encouraging promiscuity and the death and sickness of STD’s.
Same-sex ‘marriage’: Cements unrestained deviance (getting your freak on!). This ALWAYS makes the poor and their women and children suffer.
Embryonic stem cell experiments: Poor women will be slaves to this as “producers” of human fertilized eggs.
Tax cuts: Will actually and really help ANYONE that desires to escape the slavery and dependence on goverment aid.
Prayer in schools: 11-year old children are gicen birth copntrol pills . Now we know two things dear to THE LEFT. Atheism anmd health care for the children.
Public display of the Ten Commandments: Instead of public displays of homosexuality and prostitution?
Federal ‘hate crimes’ legislation: Anyone can see the Anti-Christian laws silencing even further the Christian voice. This also will hurt the poor as ONLY the Gospel of Jesus Christ can save them. Ask any Black, or white, or asian, or hispanic Christian preacher.
The reinstatement of the ‘Fairness Doctrine’: Silencing dissent should be of concern for Americans.
Taxpayer funding for abortions: the public should not help them.
Permanent tax relief for families: Communism as proposed by the Leftist Democrats (all Democrats) has proven to be a bad thing even for the poor, who become sex slaves and drug dealers to survive in a Godless socialist state.
Voluntary, student-led prayer in public schools: The First Amendment supports it but The Democrat Left has power over decent people now.
Enforced obscenity laws: Fighting the decay and decline of our society is a non brainer. Christians have been fighting “Progressive ideology” since Nero.

Donny’s post goes to illustrate something I wrote a few weeks ago about politics on JWalking.

I want to emphasize that when I write about [a particular political view] I write as a person with a particular political belief – a particular set of beliefs and values. Those beliefs are regularly informed by my faith. They are not, however, the same as my faith. My politics and my faith are distinct.
I do not say that Jesus is on my side and that those who disagree with me are an affront to God. I’m obviously overstating just a bit but I do so purposely because all too often when faith and politics meet the end result is a sort of “holy anger.” There is this notion that the people we “oppose” aren’t merely advocating bad public policy but are grieving God and proving that they aren’t really God lovers after all (and, by default, that we are really and truly holier than they are).
To equate politics with faith is a dangerous thing and I’ve made that mistake way too many times. I hope to make it less often in the future because faith is eternal and politics is not.

What Donny advocates is one man’s political view. It is not the view required to be a follower of Jesus anymore than a person is required to follow John Edwards political agenda. THAT is the line I want to keep drawing over and over again. Let’s debate politics. Let’s do it passionately. But let’s always remember not to be arrogant enough to assume that God is really on our political side…even though there are times I really want to.

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