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Here is one from Larry. It is Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill. He writes that it is a thin place for him because “there is a hill in my hometown where a life-changing event took place for me, and I immediately identified with the song in its wake. Here are the song’s lyrics:

Solsbury Hill”Climbing up on Solsbury HillI could see the city lightWind was blowing, time stood stillEagle flew out of the nightHe was something to observeCame in close, I heard a voiceStanding stretching every nerveHad to listen had no choiceI did not believe the information(I) just had to trust imaginationMy heart going boom boom boom”Son,” he said “Grab your things,I’ve come to take you home.”To keep in silence I resignedMy friends would think I was a nutTurning water into wineOpen doors would soon be shutSo I went from day to dayTho’ my life was in a rut”Till I thought of what I’d sayWhich connection I should cutI was feeling part of the sceneryI walked right out of the machineryMy heart going boom boom boom”Hey” he said “Grab your thingsI’ve come to take you home.”(Back home.)When illusion spin her netI’m never where I want to beAnd liberty she pirouetteWhen I think that I am freeWatched by empty silhouettesWho close their eyes but still can seeNo one taught them etiquetteI will show another meToday I don’t need a replacementI’ll tell them what the smile on my face meantMy heart going boom boom boom”Hey” I said “You can keep my things,they’ve come to take me home.”

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