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There is a little boy in a cancer ward in Oklahoma who is in dire need of a miracle. There is a family caring for the little boy who needs that same miracle. His name is Mitch and he has leukemia. Things are going very, very poorly and he is in enormous pain. Their last post on reads:

Good news/Bad news…..
Bad news:
This was the worst day we have ever had in the hospital with Mitchell.
His comments:
Dad, I am suffering……..and nobody can help me.
What do they do with kids who suffer?
Maybe God just wants take me up to be one of his angels now.
Dad, when you die…… you just fall asleep or do they give you medicine and then it happens?
Good news:
The bad day is about over.
I have no words of encouragement today folks. We are at the end of our rope and frustrated…….to say the least. I just want relief from the pain for Mitchell…….regardless of how it comes. We could reconcile the pain if we had any indication that he was improving……..and that is not happening by any stretch. I don’t know anything else to say……..just continue to pray for him.

Though I find myself sorely tempted to ask why? and why? and why? That doesn’t help Mitch. It only feeds a faithless part of me. What Mitch needs is prayer for his life and for a miracle. So please join me in praying for Mitch.

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