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There is a provocative new article in an Italian magazine speculating that Pope John Paul II was actually euthanized – at least according to the definition of euthanasia used by the Catholic church: In a provocative article, an Italian medical […]

After saying it was sticking by the policy to only allow “approved” religious books in prisons, it seems the government has changed its mind: After the details of the removal became widely known this month, Republican lawmakers, liberal Christians and […]

That is what his parents wrote after Mitchell died this morning at 3am. 9/27/2007 Mitchell Wins……… Friends, Mitchell went to be with the Lord at 3am this morning. It was very peaceful and we both got to watch him pass […]

I read this post about Mitch late yesterday afternoon, closed my laptop and headed home to be with my family and revel in the fact that we are together. This is the other side of heartbreaking: 9/26/2007 Day 23………Peace and […]

This from Marcia: I experience “Thin Places” in the people we meet in Haiti. A Haitian proverb “Lespwa fe viv” translates to “Hope makes us live”. Seeing this kind of hope in poverty has allowed me to realize my own […]

Inside all the numbers analysis surrounding the latest round of presidential campaign money raising is this amazing statistic: According to an August analysis by the Campaign Finance Institute done in partnership with Politico… among Republican givers, 89 percent of donors […]

I found this tonight. Spectacular.

Is there Biblical justification for Christians protesting “anti-Christian” behavior? I ask because of the reaction by some about the poster affiliated with the Folslom Street Fair. “Folsom” as it is known, is described by organizers as “the world’s largest leather […]

I repost something beautiful from the comments section attached to my last post about Mitch. Please read to the end: My heart is melting. It is pooling in the same place in my body that it did less than a […]

Check out this interview with noted actor Terrence Howard in New York Magazine – not exactly a hotbed of conservative activism: Do you align yourself with any party? No, I firmly believe in what the Bible set out: that God’s […]