J Walking

Some months ago, when Ms. Spears was crashing, I wrote a bit about her as a prodigal daughter – about the prayer that she was, perhaps, turning away from the destructive and to the beautiful.
Last night she “returned” to the MTV Music Awards in Las Vegas.
It went… poorly. Here is a link if you want to see it.
She forgot to dance, forgot to sing and wasn’t quite the old “Britney” brand. I watched it this morning on YouTube and couldn’t get past the first few seconds without feeling so sad for her. Around her in the hyper-sexual staging were writhing women and then writhing men and then combinations of the two and there she was on stage looking like someone waking up in the middle of a nightmare.
Perhaps this mother of two, perhaps this woman who has been to the bottom, perhaps she woke up last night and realized in the middle of her performance that she didn’t want any part of what she doing.
She is still the prodigal daughter wandering her way back to the spiritual home she once knew just as we are all prodigal children stumbling our way home.

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