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I read this post about Mitch late yesterday afternoon, closed my laptop and headed home to be with my family and revel in the fact that we are together. This is the other side of heartbreaking:

Day 23………Peace and Patience
…How is Mitch?
Well, Mitch isn’t here……..but isn’t in Heaven yet either……..I think. His body is still here but sweet Mitchell is visiting with the Lord right now. He just looks like an angel sleeping in our room…..albeit an angel with a slight rasp in his throat :)………and he just continues to hang here for a bit. He isn’t in the least bit of pain and is totally at peace. I must say that our hearts continue to groan and anguish over our precious son……God has certainly been merciful and having him with us in this state, while difficult, is so much better than the pain that he was enduring even 2 days ago. We have made, as Tracy so eloquently alluded to yesterday, many decisions for Mitchell throughout his life. At this point, as his physical presence rests on every little rise and fall of the chest………..we are going to let him “leave” us on his terms. I spend a whole life time teaching him how to fight, finish what he starts, never quit, and go full speed………so I will let him decide when it is time to “lay his armor down”.
…How are we?
Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I WILL strengthen you. I WILL help you. I WILL uphold you with my victorious right hand. Isaiah 41:10
We hurt more than words can express………but we are certainly in the midst of a peace that passes understanding. I won’t write for Tracy since she can do that herself. As a father, it is very difficult to let go of all the dreams, hopes, and days that you planned on sharing with him in this life. He and I have a relationship that is very deep. Many of the trials Mitchell faced during his time here forced him to grow up pretty quick………but that also allowed the two of us to bond in a very special way. There is a Mitchell sized hole in me that will take awhile to fill…….but God’s Grace is sufficient……..and He understands my pain……….and will heal it. I had many dreams for my son……..the foremost among those is that he would grow become a Godly man of influence. And though it hurts to let the others dreams go………I am so proud that he got the most important thing right. Well done, my son. I love you….

…How are you?
So many of you dear friends have sent notes, made phone calls, stopped by to visit to express your love, care, and concern for us………..that I just wanted to take a moment to check on you.
Team Whitaker is well. God is good.
Question for you all: Why does it take something like this……..that shocks us to our core and makes us ache and yearn…….for us to truly evaluate our life and how we spend our time!?! Do not let the passing of this boy shake you……….God has a plan. A perfect plan that is beyond our understanding. Mitchell’s life is a testament to Christ and should affirm your Faith……..or shake you to question why you don’t have a daily walk with Him. This life only makes sense in the presence of the Almighty and the framework which he provides. Your circumstances can change on a heartbeat…….as our story illustrates……..but God does not change. He is always good. He is always love. He is always just. He is always there.
The kindness that you have shown to us…… that for others……..when times are good and when the chips are down. That is what being Salt and Light is all about. This life is nothing more than a set of opportunities that we are provided in order to influence others for good……or bad. The true measure of your life is rooted in the relationship that you have with Christ……….and how you let that (vertical) relationship shine among (horizontally) those you come in contact with on a daily basis.
Maybe it is time that we all ask ourselves: How ya livin’?
We love you all….john

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