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I can’t get this little boy out of my thoughts…and prayers. Last evening’s wrenching update:

Thursday night in the ICU
Family, Friends, & Fans…….
The day that was
Mitchell’s breathing has improved exponentially. He is as comfortable as a boy can be who has a mask over his face……and can’t eat, drink, and talk. However, oxygen is very much in fashion this fall………it is the one item you can’t live without! I gotta tell you – this is a very, very difficult place to be. When you watch them wheel your kid down here, gasping and incoherent……….your mind just sez: “So…….this is what it looks like when it goes down……..I am watching the movie of my kids life played out right in front of me and we are getting ready to fade to black”. Fade to black – Roll the credits – and crumble. It was a very difficult and emotional day.
Where we stand
We are down to our last drug for chemo………..buying time on a bi-pap respirator in order to try and pinpoint the exact type of infection is damaging his lungs. 2 out rally, indeed! I can tell you that I will always put my faith in Christ and my money on Mitchell………and so we shall fight until we have nothing left………..not a breath, not a heartbeat………we shall never waiver……..and that is the stock from which we are made and the legacy that we shall leave. If God chooses to heal Mitchell, it will indeed be a miracle. If not, then we shall give praise and thanks for time we have gotten to spend with him.
Either way, Mitchell wins.
Either way, God reigns.

I cannot imagine, I don’t want to imagine. I suppose this is where the cynics would say faith is nothing but a chimera. I suppose this is where Jesus would say faith begins. More by will than anything I choose Jesus.
Here’s Mitch:

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