J Walking

From Donny, about Mitchell:

If faith were just a wish upon nothing, I would not be crying right now. I would not pray for Mitchell. I would see Mitch through my tears and move on as if nothing were before my eyes but a saline solution.
But I see God. I feel caring in my body. I can see the picture of a child that Jesus said was precious. I can feel it as if I were in the room with Mitch.
Nothingness from nothingness to our world . . . could not make me feel this way. Random processes do not make a heart ache or sing with joy.
God has made us in His image. So I know that God is there because I can feel my emotions like a rock striking the ground or a Falcon soaring.
I cannot understand why people suffer. But I know what it feels like to hug my child and I know what it is like to feel them as if they were “part of you.”
I know suffering and I know joy.
I do not understand either.
I know there is a God who does.
“I love you Mitchell.”
I know that too.

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