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Apparently some Democrats aren’t only excited about their political prospects in 2008, they are really excited about their prospects in 2010.

Sizable gains next year over the party’s current 51-49 edge would put it within striking distance of a filibuster-proof 60-vote majority in the middle of the next president’s first term.
“The arithmetic is just very auspicious for the Democrats,” said Rutgers political science professor Ross K. Baker, a former Senate staffer. Come Election Day 2008, “They could basically have a much more formidable majority and power.”
And that prospect has Democrats salivating over their chances in 2010. Even if Democrats have only a moderately good 2008, picking up, say, four or five seats, they would be well positioned to shoot for the magic 60 mark next time around.

I’m just waiting to hear the words “permanent Democratic majority.”
You’d think that Democrats, fresh off watching the Bush implosion and all the Republican problems associated with pride, hubris, and pursuit of the ‘permanent Republican majority’ wouldn’t be counting their proverbial chickens. There is a world of political time between now and 2008 let alone 2010. Power is so sweetly seductive isn’t it?

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