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As you probably heard last week, an Arlington, TX church rescinded its offer to hold a memorial service for the brother of one of its employees after the church discovered that…. this is where it gets confusing. The church has […]

Long article in yesterday’s NYT Sunday Magazine on how the West’s march towards rational secularism is stopped dead in its tracks by the political fundamentalism of radical Islam. A little more than two centuries ago we began to believe that […]

David Broder’s column in yesterday’s Washington Post highlighted Mike Huckabee’s strategy for upending Mitt Romney in New Hampshire – surprise him just like Buchanan surprised George H.W. Bush in 1992 and like BIll Clinton surprised Paul Tsongas that same year. […]

The Anglican Church in Jamaica has added songs by Bob Marley and Peter Tosh to their hymnals: Church leaders said that Marley’s “One Love,” and Peter Tosh’s “Psalm 27” will be the first reggae tunes to be added to the […]

Across the street from our house is a fairly densely wooded 7-acre park. Every spring migrating birds swoop in for a month and the park is overrun with very dedicated birders who can be found arguing about whether a particular […]

I was having lunch with a brilliant friend who also happens to be a wonderful storyteller. He is a philosopher and a lawyer and a Catholic. What, he asked me, is the question I would least like to hear from […]

Whenever there is a disaster it is Christian relief and development organizations that are among the first on the ground. This is a fact too often lost in “sexier” conversations about politics or theology. But in Peru and in Southeast […]

In response to my post on God’s stickiness – or lack thereof – Jillian writes this: At times, when I feel unable to reach that inner place in which prayer is completely genuine, freed of worldly dross, when I feel […]

Following up on yesterday’s post on Kia Vaughn’s lawsuit against Don Imus, I received this wonderful email from our friend Thinker who has found a perfect and profound quote from Richard Rohr: “The psychological age has found a surprising and […]

Over on CrunchyCon, Rod Dreher has a wonderful post about those moments in life that direct you to God. He tells the story of Bob Novak – the conservative commentator once known as the “prince of darkness” – being confronted […]