J Walking

There is a Christian nation. It just isn’t America. It is the global nation of those who follow Jesus. It is hard for me to think that way but I think it is the right way to look at the world. I am not an American first and a Christian second, I am a Christian first and an American second. That fact helps me reorder my priorities, my areas of concern.
Take all the news occurring today for instance – the slumping stock market, real estate softening, the earthquake in Peru, floods in Southeast Asia.
I just looked at Drudge and the stock market was front and center with a huge picture of the downward spiraling market. Real estate concerns were also front and center. The devastation in Peru and Southeast Asia were lower down – accompanied by stirring pictures.
I think that is a perfect “American” way to look at things. The stock market represents our economy – it is vitally important. Real estate is in the same category. Peru and Southeast Asia are not areas of strategic national interest for the United States. American compassion is and will be there but it is a lower-tier priority. All of this makes perfect sense when thinking as a nation.
But I wonder if thinking as a citizen of the Christian nation means thinking completely differently. That a news webpage ala Drudge would have Peru and Southeast Asia up front and might have the stock market and all such things at the very bottom of the page.
And then I wonder what it means to actually live that way and I don’t know.

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