J Walking

Today Michael Vick will face justice for his abominable actions. Abominable isn’t even the right word. Horrifying isn’t right. Nothing seems good enough to describe what he did. God gave us dominion over creation but that means he gave us a holy responsibility to care for his creation. It doesn’t matter whether God is “green” what matters is that he told us to be “green” and that includes caring for animals. What Michael Vick did is just disgusting.
Now my question – I wonder whether the outcry over this horrible incident belies the deep pain we have in our souls for all the killing and violence that surrounds us. Is the “Vick incident” more about us then him?
This will be brief – I’ll write more later but I think we are so sick of all the violence around us. I think we are sick of all the murders on television (those that are real and those that are fiction). I think we are sick of the common violence in our movies. I think we are sick of the suffering we see all around us. But I think that we don’t know what to do about any of them. I think we are deeply hurting and deeply frustrated and Michael Vick has focused us. He has given us something we can all condemn, something that horrifies us all, something that is being resolved, something where justice is being delivered and a horror has been removed.

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