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Karl Rove funds the Democrats (indirectly)

Steve Jobs couldn’t be much more loyal to the Democratic Party. A review of his giving finds more than $250,000 going to Democratic candidates. He did give $1,000 to a Republican once… in 1982.
Karl Rove couldn’t be much more loyal to the Republicans Party. Duh.
To show how little politics really matters just look at this picture:
whblog_0806-1.jpg (Time)
Karl is iPhoning away on a Steve Jobs invention. Karl Rove is actually indirectly funding the Democratic Party. He is an appleist after all.

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posted August 7, 2007 at 1:47 pm

What fascinates me is that just about every slimy rich guhzillionaire, every news media star and Hollywood actor, and of course every student in our colleges and universities is a Democrat. And Liberal/Progressive at that.
Yet Republicans are still elected.
Proof of God’s miracles.

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West Coast

posted August 7, 2007 at 3:45 pm

Donny: Are there no slimy rich guhzillionaire republicans? And as to republicans being elected, let’s see what happens in 2008 – after the American people have seen what 6 or 8 years of republican rule and pandering to the so-called “religious right” looks like. Yuck.

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posted August 7, 2007 at 4:59 pm

Left Coast,
I wouldn’t know about rich Republicans. I don’t know any. I do know hard working people that vote Republican, but comparing them to the garden-variety California Democrats they look very much in need. But I know a lot of California lefties that are stinking rich while driving their new cars through neighborhoods they only deal with when they have to evict some poor family from the squalid dwelling owned by someone living in a rich close-gated community.
Ever been to East LA or Compton? Not many Uniformed guards making sure the bad guys don’t come in. Ever been to Malibu?
The Dems eeeked out a majority win in ’08. Precisely because the hedonist party is too cowardly to want a war and the Christians were sold out by guys like David Kuo into thinking that being moral was a hate crime.
I’m quite satisfied to let the Liberals (Democrats) gain even more power, push a sodomite/marxist agenda into our pre-schools and then let the rise of discontent from “real” families wipe them away. families that are the targets of pederastic glee to the party of “progress.” Parents are now just “in the way.” I’m thinking you live in California? Where marriage is now being eliminated as the joining of a man and a woman. Welcome to hell with sunshine.
If Clinton or Obama get the call they’ll attack every decent institution ever known. I can’t wait until the good people of this country get screwed over by these leftists, pay taxes so high that the poor will never be able to be anything but, and move on to the voting booth with vengeance and justice in their hands. Notice that the filthy rich care nothing about high taxes. It’s easy to live on half of 50-million dollars. but it’s impossible to get out of the slavery of socialsim promoted by Clinton, Obama and the rest of the Left. And slavery it is. No one owns a home in America and property taxes are not ever going to go down with a Leftist in power.
I have complete confidence that once we are rid of trying to bring freedom to Muslims in middle east countries and let them have the death and murder they are so comfortable with, we can get on to seeing what reprobates exist in the “progressive” ranks in our own country.
Ever bought a pill made out of a human being?
You will when the Democrats take power over the populace. The children of the poor will be made into medicines for rich actors to feel better. That’s a fact huh?
If ever there was a party of satanic powers, the Left supports it in the new progressive movement defining the new Democrats.
Hopefully David Kuo and those siddling up to lefties will wake up soon.

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West Coast

posted August 7, 2007 at 5:54 pm

I feel sorry for people who consider the Democrats to be a “party of satanic powers.”

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posted August 7, 2007 at 6:25 pm

All I know is one of these days I’m gonna get me an iPhone. If it’s made from human flesh, I know the Brief Order for Confession backwards and forwards.

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posted August 7, 2007 at 11:58 pm

David, there is a certain practical limit to how far one must go to avoid indirectly funding a cause you disagree with. For example, some people refuse to buy Domino’s Pizza because the founders support anti-abortion causes. I don’t do that. I refuse to buy Domino’s because it is crappy pizza.

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posted August 8, 2007 at 8:12 am

If you care about truth, if you desire reality, than what the Democrat-Liberal-Progressive ideology actually represents is satanic power.
Satan means adversary. Right now we have come to the point in history where Democrat legislation is outlawing the very words of the New Testament as a hate crime. We’ve seen a sample of this totalitarianism in Europe.
It started with the slaughter of the unborn. It started with the greatest of evil. It has flowed into debauchery of woman and promiscuity being completely admirable. It has now reached into marxism being a goal for an entire political power structure. It hates our very own country. It is no wonder that human life is now seen as a product to be traded and bought.
If we do not buy pizza because it tastes bad, we should certainly reject a political ideology because its actions and beliefs are wronng.
When comparing Christian culture and theology to “what” the Left actually “does” it is easy to compare evil versus good and declare with all confidence what is reality and what is to be avoided. Leftist culture has brought us to the point where the family is not only debateable but can be redefined to appease the enemies of goodness.
Study history and study the warnings in the Gospel and throughout the New Testament and any follower of the words in the Bible should avoid the abominations so embraced by Leftist ideolgy.

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Chris M.

posted August 8, 2007 at 12:09 pm

…and of course every student in our colleges and universities is a Democrat.
All those College Republican groups must be complete liars, then. Especially the one at Bowling Green State that arranged for David Howoritz to speak a couple of years ago when I was a graduate student up there.
In your arguments, you are assuming that entire demographic categories have no agency whatsoever–that they can’t think for themselves at all and lack any meaningful spiritual discernment skills. This assumption is flatly incorrect, and is insulting to those demographic groups (such as the millions of students in higher education).
When comparing Christian culture and theology to “what” the Left actually “does” it is easy to compare evil versus good and declare with all confidence what is reality and what is to be avoided.
As David (Kuo) has pointed out to you, this is Manichaeism–viewing one side as the “children of light” and the other as the “children of darkness.” It is a doctrine that is antithetical to Christianity.

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posted August 8, 2007 at 1:45 pm

Is the idiodic war in Iraq “proof of god’s miricles” ? Where do you people come from? Jesus was a Liberal; where do Christian COnservatives come from? As Christians, I would suppose that you folks would mean to follow Christ; well then why don’t you? Christ did not judge, Christ said ” stay out of politics” , he said “give to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s; so why the outcry of In God We Trust not being on some coins? Christ said ” it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man get into heavan; so where does ths “Prosperity ” movement come from? How can this Kuo fellow claim to walk with Jesus when he “advises” politicians? There is a severe lack of self examination and truthfullness going on here. Shame on all of you for distorting the words or Christ.

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