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The Anglican Church in Jamaica has added songs by Bob Marley and Peter Tosh to their hymnals:

Church leaders said that Marley’s “One Love,” and Peter Tosh’s “Psalm 27” will be the first reggae tunes to be added to the collection of Anglican Church hymnals that will bring in a hybrid between reggae and traditional worship music from the island.
The move has come despite the fact that the two musicians were against the Church.
The Rev. Ernle Gordon said the two musicians may have been anti-church, but they weren’t anti-God or anti-religion. He said the songs would help modernize the hymnals, according to Canada-based publication The Record.

A hundred years from now I suspect there will be bunches of songs the recording artists never expected to end up in a hymnal. “Where the Streets Have No Name,” “One,” “Yahweh,” and “40” by U2 come immediately to mind. What are others?

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