J Walking

From Doug about my post on the idiocy of the Hucka-back controversy:

I don’t think this reflects Christians, Christianity or Christ. It reflects what happens when the Church becomes a tribe with political aspirations. But I agree with this: political Christianity is abominable evangelism.
Jesus’ followers were doubters, traitors, egoists and fishy. We still are, but we ought to pay careful attention to Whom we represent. At the end of the day, we shouldn’t be surprised to see that we still act like tribal animals in a broken world. We still are. But we should have a care to keep following.
When the Catholic church lobbies or marches for immigrant rights, they are right to do so. When Sam Brownback articulates a pro-life position, he is right to do so. When people proclaim giving power to this person or that one because they share our denomination, we should have learned by now to smell the wolf-spit on their breath.

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