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When the bridge went down on Wednesday night, the fears for massive loss of life were great. I talked to a reporter friend on the scene and she said that the sense was it might be pretty bad.
Now comes news that the loss of life is likely be far lower than expected:

As many as 30 had been feared missing because the bridge fell during bumper-to-bumper traffic.
“We were surprised that we didn’t have more people seriously injured and killed,” Minneapolis Fire Chief Jim Clack said. “I think it was something of a miracle.”

Why those that were lost were lost is not a question we can answer in spiritual terms. But that the loss of life wasn’t greater, that the injured will survive after a bridge collapsed is something that God deserves credit for. The fire chief is right, it is “something of a miracle.” I find it so easy to blame God at the worst and to forget him at other times assuming that having things go well should be the norm. I pray for safe travels for my wife when she has to leave. I pray for safety and protection for my girls (and now boy) and when they are safe a big part of my mind simply thinks, “good, great, yeah, that is the way it is supposed to be.”
I don’t want to keep living that way though. I want to live in great thankfulness for all that God does every day. And one good place to start is to thank Him for saving so many lives that horrible night and for hearing the prayers of so many people.

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