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I am haunted by the beauty of Lindsay Lohan’s booking photo. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a booking photo that is truly art – though, I suppose, each one is art in its own way. Hers is art. It […]

Last week, a Washington Post article speculated that the next great Potter-type book might just be an explicitly Christian-themed book. In the article, the reporter incorrectly stated that Focus on the Family head James Dobson embraced the Potter books. Yesterday, […]

Kuodos to Newt who just unloaded on politicians but more significantly on the political process as it now stands. To wit: Gingrich mocked Republican presidential candidates for subjecting themselves to a May debate hosted by Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s “Hardball.” […]

Was talking to a friend over the weekend about Giuliani. My friend is a very serious Christian by anyone’s measure. He is also politically conservative and likes Giuliani. Why? Giuliani: – cleaned up NY from the window washers and graffiti […]

Barry Bonds is two home runs away from Hank Aaron’s home run record. He is reviled by many baseball purists convinced by evidence that ranges from the physical – Bonds physique and head have changed quite a bit during his […]

This from a conservative Christian friend who works in Washington but can’t yet let his presidential preferences be known. He makes a good case: If you are like me, you are pretty dissatisfied with the current so-called “frontrunners” in the […]

2008 is approaching and things aren’t looking better for Republicans. The man that many had hoped would be the next Reagan, – not based on performance, vision, or ideology but on the fact that he is also an actor – […]

Harry Potter’s publisher is suing a book distributor and an online bookstore, there are “spoilers” aplenty available on the Internet telling who died and how they died and when they died and the media is atwitter. People want to know […]

It isn’t easy being both an American and a Christian sometimes…maybe most of the time. At least that is my experience. This is particularly true when it comes to matters like protecting America. Case in point word that we have […]

Yesterday, NYT columnist David Brooks wrote about the two-hour session he had with President Bush last Friday on Iraq. He didn’t find the president beleaguered but rather “assertive and good-humored” and “unshakably committed to stabilizing Iraq.” Where does the confidence […]