J Walking

The natural gas leaks our son has been experiencing have improved dramatically. Not coincidentally, I am sure, the east coast of the United States has been cooler this week.
Perhaps it is because she no longer fears being in his line of fart fire or perhaps it is just because she is resigned to the fact that this creature is not going to leave her house or perhaps it is just love but, our daughter is breaking our hearts with her sweetness towards him. (Sorry for the tortuous sentence.)
Today we set him down to play on a little baby play mat and he started to fuss. Before we could move Livvy stopped her playing, ran over to him, started patting his tummy and in a perfect 2-year-old voice said, “Ok, ok, ok, ok baby Aidan, ok.” With that he stopped crying and she headed back to playing. Before she got there, however, he fussed again and she turned and ran back and did the same thing. When that didn’t work she went and got her doll and put it on his tummy all the while saying, “Ok, ok, ok baby Aidan, ok.” Life doesn’t get much better than that.

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