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Huckabee, Christians, and why Romney is hosed

A follow-up from the friend who posted last week about Huckabee. He read the discussions here and elsewhere and wanted to respond. The second and third paragraphs are the most significant because my friend’s attitudes are those of lots of lots of evangelical Christians even if they won’t say so in public:

Yes, it’s true that Mike Huckabee isn’t (yet) a likely candidate to win the GOP nomination, let alone the general election. He hasn’t shown the ability – or desire – to raise the kind of money needed to be a formidable candidate (and I do believe that fundraising is important because it shows the breadth and depth of a candidate’s support).
And if Mitt Romney wasn’t a too-slick-for-his-own-good, flip-flopper from Massachusetts (not to mention the Mormon factor); if Giuliani wasn’t a New York liberal with more personal baggage than former President Clinton; and if John McCain wasn’t…..well…..John McCain, then perhaps I’d be singing a different tune.
Sure, some think Fred Thompson is the savior for conservatives, but with a shaky lobbying past, his support for campaign finance reform, opposition to tort reform, and his campaign’s chaotic early start – including a mass exodus of top staff and a recent New York Times story about his wife running his campaign – that label may be premature.
In 1994, Republicans convinced voters they believed in something and had a clear direction to move our nation forward and, in return, the American people gave them the Presidency and control of both the House and Senate. The 2006 elections showed us that once a party loses focus and abandons principle then voters will give another person – or party – control.
Hopefully, primary voters will get behind the candidate who is right on the issues, has the experience needed to lead the nation, and has the professionalism and eloquence to represent us to the world, relate to the American people, and work with the other side to get things accomplished in Washington.
Picking the “electable” candidate with the high name ID and ability to raise money is what brought us John Kerry, Al Gore, and Bob Dole. Maybe the GOP can learn a thing or two from the Democrats who back in the early ’90’s chose a little-known Governor from Hope Arkansas to be their nominee…..


Is there any wonder that Republicans are $100 million behind Democrats in fundraising thus far? The Democratic base is mobilized and excited. The Republican base – evangelicals – are demoralized and defeated.
Spiritually this is good – it is time for evangelicals to spend some quality time listening to God and what God would have them do with their political voice – politically this is devastating for Republicans. So much for that permanent Republican majority.

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posted July 31, 2007 at 9:33 am

Christians need to choose the candidate that represents their moral beliefs. They shouldn’t pay attention to what the media or pundits say.Your support should never go to who you feel has the most chance of winning,always you should back the candidate who has a proven moral compass and back them because it is the right thing to do morally.
I for one am voting for Mike Huckabee, I think he has run a great campaign on limited funds which should a very important point for voters to look at. A big campaign with loads of money who spends huge amounts should be a red flag to voters. Huckabee has proved that he can be very fiscally conservative and manage money well.
Huckabee in my opinion is the only real proven conservative Republican in the race. His stance on the issues has never waiverd, he is solid, consistent and moral. Frankly the big name candidates just change their positions as the public opinion polls come in, thats not leadership, thats selling out..Huckabee for President in 08
If anyone is interested in Mike Huckabee visit

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posted July 31, 2007 at 10:44 am

I’d sure like to interview the children and x-wives of all the candidates to get a better feel for them.

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posted July 31, 2007 at 10:59 am

Just note, when your friend says “The Republican base – evangelicals – are demoralized and defeated” that isn’t from failure but victory. Americans, including independent conservative Christians have seen the results of acute Church influence in government, the evangelical electoral victories from 2000-2006 and the consequence is a miserable, failed, reckless, invasive state. Huckabee is one of three contenders for the Republican nomination I can imagine voting for in the general election, but if the Bush bloc is excited about him, that hurts his chances with me and probably a lot of others.
A government that bows to Christians doesn’t make the people kneel before Jesus. It’s been 500 years since the Diet of Worms but some things are eternal- the all-seeing love of God and the blind ambition of bishops being two.

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Larry Parker

posted July 31, 2007 at 2:15 pm

I’m a pro-choice Democrat.
That said, Huckabee strikes me as being the only pro-life Republican … well, ever … who acknowledges that the outlawing of abortion would cause traumatic social change nationwide that a president would have to forcefully address on BOTH sides of the divide.
How refreshing.

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