J Walking

This morning I went with my friend to the doctor. It was not a happy visit. I don’t know how many happy visits ALS patients get. About that enough said. I keep thinking about the Grahams, about Billy who is still with us and Ruth who no longer is. I keep thinking about what they always say to people who ask how they can pray for them. “That God’s will be done and that He be glorified” is what they always said. I am sure it it still what Billy says today. It is the answer of a saint; it is the answer of someone whose eyes are set less on themselves and more on Him. As my friend comes to grips with what lies ahead for him and for his family and as I get a bit older and a bit wiser, God threw a song in front of me the other day. It is called “Bring the rain” and here it is in a homemade video on YouTube. The pictures are fine but listen to the words…they are wise and they are humble and they describe an attitude I long to have:

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