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From today’s WP, a rift within the pro-life movement:

“Over the past seven years, the partial-birth abortion ban as a fundraising technique has brought in over a quarter of a billion dollars” for major antiabortion groups, “but the ban has no authority to prevent a single abortion, and pro-life donors were never told that,” he said. “That’s why we call it the pro-life industry.”

In Rohrbough’s view, partisan politics is also involved.

“What happened in the abortion world is that groups like National Right to Life, they’re really a wing of the Republican Party, and they’re not geared to push for personhood for an unborn child — they’re geared to getting Republicans elected,” he said. “So we’re seeing these ridiculous laws like the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban put forward, and then we’re deceived about what they really do.”

The critics are absolutely right – many Christian conservative political leaders have become little more than get-out-the-vote managers for the Republican party. Many of the religious right’s biggest players have been seduced by political power, placated by trinkets and photo-ops, selling out Jesus for a failed political agenda.

Here is hoping that Billy Graham will inspire more Christians to ignore the self-proclaimed Christian political leaders and seek first the Kingdom of God.

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