J Walking

Ok, so we are here in line waiting outside an Apple store in a mall. It occurs to me that my piece on Apple as a religion may actually be true. 😉 Apple employees are bringing people bottles of water. They are thanking people for waiting in line. So, my thoughts on the 10 things churches could learn from Apple (Note: there may not actually be 10…I am just freestyling here)
1. Be innovatve – This was actually once true of the church. The early church changed the world by being totally original – caring for widows and orphans, caring for the graves of the dead, caring for discarded babies. Churches need to be original again – not just reflecting popular culture but driving it in compelling ways.
2. Be excited – Apple is unabashedly excited about being Apple. Churches need to be more excited about being loving, caring, original, important representatives of God.
3. Excel in marketing – Jesus was the greatest marketing genius to ever live. He played to peoples’ curiosity. He answered questions with questions. He was mysterious. Apple gets this. I went into the store a few minutes ago and not one of the people have touched an iPhone yet…Apple excels at mystery.
4. Ok, I’m done with 3 for now. 🙂

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