J Walking

So I had this bizarre dream last night. Bizarre mostly because it was so absolutely random. So at the risk of being vivisected, here it goes:

I was at some dinner party with random people. After dinner some folks headed off to get the games ready (a barrage of games was to follow) and I headed to the kitchen with another guy (anonymous to me now and then as well – I think). I start loading the dishwasher with Katie Couric. I’m loading away (typical stuff – glasses, empty plastic takeout containers, etc.) when it becomes clear that Katie and the other guy have the whole flirty chemistry thing going on. They are giggling and I apologize saying that I didn’t know they wanted alone time. She cautioned me that they were at an early stage in their relationship and asked that I not tell anyone. I very seriously responded that I wouldn’t (though, I remember thinking, I would clearly tell Kim).

Then I head out of the kitchen (clearly a NYC apartment) to an adjacent room just as clearly set in the countryside. There another man – the English husband of a friend – is setting up five or six different games ranging from some huge (life-size) board with letters on it to some version of English pool to who knows what. Then Katie’s boyfriend comes out and says he wants to auction off some real estate and stock.

At the next moment I’m driving as a passenger in someone’s car (perhaps one of my neighbors) to pick up a horse to ride. But instead I end up exchanging fresh produce.

Good luck figuring that one out. And no, it does not mean that I am lusting after Katie Couric and have become the lapdog for liberalism as embodied by CBS… at least I don’t think so. 😉

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