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…another reader:

When the richest 50% of our society owns 97.2% of all wealth and the bottom 50% owning only 2.8% of all wealth, it is difficult for me to sit here and agree with your reasoning.

When 18% of all children live in our state live below the poverty line, it is still again difficult for me to agree with your reasoning.

While it is not an injustice to be rich in and of itself, most of the wealthy in our society do little with their power and influence to help cure the social ills within our society.

So, forgive me if I am distainful towards the super-rich and comparing what they have to what 18% of our society has.

Hard to argue here. The reader is right – as the last reader was – that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with being rich. It is, however, injustice to have wealth so increasingly concentrated in the hands of the very, very, very few.

And to the last reader’s comments about this:

People in this country are so focused on how they are doing compared to other people….as opposed to looking at how they are doing today compared to how they were last year and how their parents were before them.

Wrong. People – those who say they are following Jesus at least – shouldn’t be focused on how they are “doing” financially compared to last year or their parents before them. That idea is not a Christian idea – it is an American idea and being a Christian and being an American are not the same things.

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