J Walking

Will Fred or won’t Fred? Not quite poetic language, but clear – is Fred Thompson running for president? Reports are out that “opposition researchers” are out scouring for dirt on Thompson. They will certainly find something. Everyone has dirt. The question, I suppose, is whether there is enough dirt to make mud. Fine. Whatever.

My interest is this – what is Fred Thompson’s plan for helping the poor? What is his plan for the 3,000 kids who die every day of Malaria (mostly in Africa)? What does he plan on doing about the remaining horror of Katrina? What does he think is the best way to use faith-based charities to care for the poor? Is he willing to stand up and say to all of us that we need to get more involved in caring for the poor? Is he willing to say that we need to give our money and that he is going to lead the charge by giving a million bucks to a center city program?

These aren’t just Fred questions, they are Barack and Hillary and Mitt and McCain and Rudy questions as well. Let’s hear the answers please.

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