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Pacific231 reminded me of Graham’s speech at the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance. I was there at the National Cathedral that amazing day and will always remember the aged Graham standing for peace amidst the cries to kill:

Today we say to those who masterminded this cruel plot, and to those who carried it out, that the spirit of this nation will not be defeated by their twisted and diabolical schemes. Someday, those responsible will be brought to justice, as President Bush and our Congress have so forcefully stated. But today we especially come together in this service to confess our need of God.

And later:

I’ve become an old man now. And I’ve preached all over the world. And the older I get, the more I cling to that hope that I started with many years ago, and proclaimed it in many languages to many parts of the world.

Graham’s hope wasn’t in wealth, it wasn’t in the military, it wasn’t in nationalism or triumphalism, it wasn’t in a political agenga; it was in Jesus, in the promise of life, in the promise of life to come, in the promise that hope and faith in Jesus will never return void.

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