J Walking

As the week end, random thoughts:

– No more Cho. If we are what we eat then we are also what we think. We have spent too much time thinking about Cho – about his madness, about… everything. Enough.

– More heroes. Let us focus more on the heroes, to the degree we focus on anything about this horror, let’s focus on them. They are worthy of our thoughts and maybe if we think about them more we will be like them.

– Enough “saturation” news coverage. Those kids don’t need to be interviewed anymore, we don’t need more pictures of Virginia Tech as a place victimized by horror, we’ve learned more than we need to know already.

– I wonder how this looks to people around the world. To those two billion people who live on a dollar a day, to the parents of those 24,000 children a day who die of starvation, to those who live in the midst of war and chaos – how do we look? I can’t help but think that they look at us and think much like we do when we read of a killing in Bel Air – how sad for those rich people.

– May this produce more compassion and less suspicion. The last thing American needs right now is more suspicion of each other. We are already afraid of a terrorist around every corner, we don’t need to be afraid of a killer too. This was a freakish anomaly – a horrible, awful airplane crash… there is an explanation somewhere, probably but it is one that has already been said – it is less complicated rather than more.

– Gratitude – for every breath, every argument, every tulip, every hug, ever bird…simplistic? Yes. True? More than ever.

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