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…here is a thought. I’ve been listening to my dear friend’s sermons. I encourage, encourage, encourage you to listen to him. But that isn’t the point here. The point here is that I have been listening to just one of […]

From John Rutherford on Don Imus: The sensible response should have been to use the Imus incident as a springboard for a meaningful discussion on race relations. However, what we got were knee-jerk reactions by people who were quick to […]

From 2008 presidential hopeful Gov. Mike Huckabee ‘‘If you said during Bill Clinton’s tenure that his personal behavior mattered and his character mattered and his activities in office and all of those things, if that mattered, you can’t come along […]

I just stumbled upon this review of my book from The American Conservative magazine, not exactly a bastion of left-wing liberalism… some excerpts: The Religious Right has long targeted those many Christians have seen as the devil’s political helpers—Bill Clinton, […]

China is now beginning to help counter the monstrous problems in Darfur. Why? US military pressure? Diplomatic pressure? No. Hollywood. Read on.

Hey folks. Patton Dodd here, filling in for DK for the day. Next week I’m traveling to Boston to speak, along with Lauren Winner, at a little event at Boston University entitled “Writing the Spirit.” (If you’re in the area, […]

We are pretty freaking lucky when the person who said, “nappy-headed hos” on air can be the subject of so much attention. We are even luckier when people like Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson can get so much […]

There is now a lot of chatter about Prof. Walter F. Murphy here and here.

From Rod Dreher’s blog, a scary story. It feels absolutely true – I’m going to try and figure out if it IS true.

What a follow-up to the Joshua Bell story. In that story, while the world famous violinist gave a free concert in the Metro, people were focused more intently on the lottery tickets.Now this story about a $315 million lotter winner. […]