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Why isn’t there saturation coverage of this man? Why isn’t every paper, every website, every magazine and tv show digging into his background? Why isn’t his faith being explored and his family too? Why isn’t everyone who ever knew him […]

As the week end, random thoughts: – No more Cho. If we are what we eat then we are also what we think. We have spent too much time thinking about Cho – about his madness, about… everything. Enough. – […]

We are obsessively trying to figure out what made Cho Seung Hui do it. Why? Because if we don’t label it, if we can’t categorize it, then the illusion of our safety and the dream of our control are both […]

Who freaking cares? John Edwards spent $400 on a haircut. And? So? The point about the haircut, of course, is to highlight (so to speak) two things – First, his vanity and second, his hypocrisy. Let’s deal with each. Vanity? […]

There are no words for this save one – holy.

It was supposed to be this way. In the early 1990s, the pro-life community, on the run after electoral and judicial defeats, chose to target partial-birth abortions because they were so heinous (though exceedingly rare), opposed by so many Americans […]

…from an old friend who teaches fourth graders: “Sadly, my students know every detail, every personal story, have seen every video… there’s no innocence left in childhood.”

Turn it off today. Turn off CNN and Fox and MSNBC. Don’t go surfing for more information. Don’t listen to all the people talking. Don’t let the media do it for you. There is this temptation with our saturated news […]

I asked a new friend for her thoughts on the horror at Virginia Tech. They are, as usual, worth reading. She is a teacher and this is what she wrote (unedited but with permission): I picture my classroom – 27 […]

…and the unconscionable and the unknowable have happened at Virginia Tech…and I have no wisdom. Perhaps that is because there is none to be had. All we know are intermittent facts about what happened today. In a year’s time we […]