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I am so sorry for your loss. David

Today at a Cleveland appearance, Elizabeth Edwards, She said her greatest hope is that the thousands of people who sent her emails and letters of support will redirect their kindness and concern to families in their own communities who are […]

Wednesday morning I will be interviewing presidential hopeful Sen. Sam Brownback. Let me know if there are questions you would like asked (email or comments box). Thanks.

I know something of 60 Minutes. I’ve been through the hours of interviews and have talked to a team of producers, and have watched myself on air after edits and splices and with a voice over. It is an odd […]

…would that it didn’t take cancer to have such things happen: Just one day after John and Elizabeth Edwards announced that Mrs. Edwards’ cancer has returned, they’ve phoned another prominent Washington figure who’s had his own run-in with cancer. An […]

“We made the choice to live,” Mrs. Edwards said. “We don’t want to do it surrounded by a veil of tears.” …this from an article appearing today. That choice is a conscious one and the right one. It is a […]

Little noticed in the news is the fact that White House spokesman Tony Snow is having surgery on Monday for a growth in his abdomen. Snow had colon cancer two years ago. He needs our prayers as well.

Ok, so here starts the (Need a name) Award for behaving most like Jesus would want people to behave. “Samaritan” is fine but I’ve heard it used too many times… Regardless, here is the first nominee: Dorie-Ann Kahale and her […]

I’ve noticed the articles appearing on websites discussing the statistics with people who have stage IV breast cancer – which Elizabeth Edwards apparently has. Walking through the airport last night on my way home I glimpsed one of the evening […]

Emails are flowing in from people wanting to let the Edwards know that people are praying for them. The notes are beautiful. But since I don’t really know the Edwards, may I suggest sending your notes to them. Here is […]