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AP reports on Sen. McCain’s on-going battle with some Christian conservative political leaders over his record, his priorities, and his ‘faith.’

While McCain has managed to pry open some of the doors that slammed shut in his rift with the right during his bid for the presidency in 2000, conservatives’ list of grievances against the Arizona senator is substantial:

-They are dubious about his opposition to a federal amendment to ban gay marriage. McCain opposes same-sex marriage, but says it should be regulated by the states.

-They still resent passages in the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, which Christian broadcasters say limit what they can tell voters before elections.

-And they question the sincerity of his overtures. McCain condemned evangelist leaders Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell as “agents of intolerance” during his 2000 run.

One thought for Sen. McCain and one for Christians as politicians vie for our votes.

For Sen McCain – stay true to your beliefs and do not pander to a very narrow (and decreasingly powerful) group of self-appointed Christian political brokers. The Dobsons and Falwells and Robertsons do not have the power they once did and with every day their power decreases as donations to their organizations dry up. To spend time, energy, and your principles to try and win them over is akin to trying to lobby a defeated Member of Congress. Their time is past and new Christian leaders like Rick Warren and Rob Bell and Joel Osteen and lesser known lights like Jeff Perry and Richard Ellis are ascendant…and they don’t care much about spending their time in politics.

For Christians – continue to be conscious of how politicians from every party are trying to pass themselves off as “Christians” to try and win our hearts and our votes. Take a step back from politics – especially right now when our support is so coveted – and watch the politicians trip over themselves trying to prove just how faithful they really are and how that means we should support them.

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