J Walking

…from a reader:

Do you wonder why Americans are so fascinated with celebrity? Poor Anna Nicole, Britney, Lindsay Lohan, and so many others. We create little mythologies out of such nonsense – little gods and goddesses – living these bigger than life lives – and our common fascination says something very sad about us. They are lives without meaning – not their lives – but the lives we give them in our common almost hypnotic hysteria. And I admit it, I follow them in a sort of fascination myself. When will the train actually fall off the tracks? Tomorrow Lent starts – 40 days to think of the life of Jesus intentionally – and it came to me that one of my Lenten resolutions will be to not allow myself to be sucked into these pretend lives. I will pray for them, but I won’t be part of the drama. If anyone has ever needed prayer – it is certainly – these poor little girls.

Perhaps the truth is this – celebrity is easy, it demands nothing from us, takes nothing from us, requires nothing of us. God? Different.


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