J Walking

Down in Orlando, FL this weekend, the National Association of Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is gathering to talk about faith, technology and way to increase their audience. But behind the scenes, the real action is political. John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Sam Brownback will be meeting with key religious right leaders. It is such a big deal that some have called it the “preacher primary.”

“All the Republican candidates recognize that if they ignore religious conservatives, it will be at their peril,” said Jay Sekulow, a radio broadcaster and president of evangelist Pat Robertson’s legal arm, the American Center for Law and Justice.

What a lost opportunity for the NRB. Instead of hosting all of these candidates and talking so much about politics, what a powerful message they could have sent by saying, “no politicians allowed.” The NRB had a chance to send a powerful message – we aren’t going to be seduced by politics, we aren’t going to fall for any politicians’ sweet words, we are going to focus on Jesus. The Gospel of Jesus is challenging enough without confusing it with partisan politics. Unfortunately, that is what is happening down in Orlando and it is too bad.

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