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Happy Valentine’s Day.
I’m at halftime of my Uganda journey. My attempts to venture north – far north – into Darfur over the weekend have fallen through. I guess the Ritz Carlton Darfur is fully booked… I may have the opportunity to venture there in April, however. We’ll see.
Instead of Darfur, I will spend the weekend with my friend visiting hospitals and orphanages and who knows what else.
Now to the challenge. I challenge J-Walking’s readers to sponsor 50 Ugandan children today. I’ve learned there are 400 children in Uganda waiting to be sponsored. These are kids that are already enrolled in Compassion’s programs – programs that do offer hope in a desolate place. Of that fact I no longer have any doubts. The few kids I met in the slums and the hundreds of kids I met yesterday whittled away whatever doubt I had.
Compassion’s programs deal with ever facet of a child’s life – physical, medical, emotional, and spiritual. And for $32 a month you can form a relationship with one of these children… a real relationship.
$32.00 isn’t anything to sneeze at. On a tight budget it is an amount that will be felt. But on this Valentine’s Day where billions of dollars are being spent on chocolates and flowers, $32.00 is perhaps put into a little bit of a different light.
I’ve worked with charities for more than a decade and have grown very skeptical of them. The stories I could tell you about the organizations I met when I was at the White House. Compassion isn’t one of those organizations – do the research for yourself and you will see.
So please take my Valentine’s Day “Compassion” compassion challenge. Sponsor a child.
And please send around this link and all others to everyone you know. We can make a small difference.

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