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Why is Tony Perkins surprised?

Last week, Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council responsed to President Bush’s State of the Union. Message: He wasn’t happy. He was surprised that there wasn’t any mention of the “faith, family, and freedom” issues – stem cells, abortions, values, abstinence, and marriage – that Christian political leaders like him care about so deeply. After all, Christian voters were called to support President Bush in 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006 because of his “Christian values” and because of his “powerful Christian voice” that were to be understood as synonymous with conservative policies. Now, however, Mr. Perkins is saying that President Bush “failed to draw a line in the sand on the culture of life” and that he is failing those voters.


I’m not sure why he is surprised. I tried to warn him and other Christian leaders last fall in my book that they were being taken as fools by a White House that neither cared for them nor respected them. No, no, the leaders insisted, that just wasn’t true. No, it couldn’t be true. After all, they had heard with their own ears how sincere the White House was about their cultural issues.

They were so sure of President Bush and the White House that they went into church after church mobilizing pastors and churches to support the president. The so-called “Justice Sunday” events aimed to mobilize record numbers of Christians to turn out for the Republicans and in so doing further marginalized Jesus as some political hack.

It is time to take a break Tony. Step back for a spell. Take a fast.

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posted January 29, 2007 at 2:46 pm

The sky is falling, the sky is falling! The most “anti-family” Congress in the last decade? What does he think they are going to do? (Bush still has veto power and the Democrats don’t have that big of a majority). What did we have with the the Republican Congress prior to this? Corruption, greed, earmarks, spending like money grows on trees, pride, etc.. I don’t recall Tony being outraged at those. Let the mudslinging begin…

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posted January 29, 2007 at 2:54 pm

I have a friend who claims a devout Christian faith. He likes most of what Jesus has to say except when someone can connect Jesus to economics. His explanation is that Jesus knew nothin of ecomics and therefore we can ignore those [arts of the Gospel that talk about caring for the poor, etc. This friend also happens to be a multimillionaire. His rage simmers and his contempt shows for the poor on a regular basis.. His issues – the moral ones – are similar to Tony Perkins. Now, it seems to me that Jesus had little to say about Tony’s issues. Actually, almost nothing. Christians, like, Muslims, Jews, and all others create moral issue monsters where there are non. the mythology of marriage is one of them. Marriage is so much more than the subservient wife, husband as head and children as obedient model. Those left wing people Tony talks about – they have good marriages and bad marriages and relationships succeed and fail – just like on the right. Another is the demonization of homosexuals, and the whole deal about Christians being persecuted. Too often, we are the persecutors. Our behavior and the lies we tell to ourselves and others help create places in people’s hearts where they are willing to disown their gay children and try to take rights away from them. We don’t like judges who are truthful, faithful to the constitution and so begin to create a mythology of “activist judges” in an effort to destroy one of the balances to absolute power by the executive branch. Abortion – now there’s a doozy. We can hate lots and lots of people over that one and get others to hate too. It is a serious issue and often trivialized by the behaviors of so called “pro -life Christians”. I do not see Tony and company being prolife in any other context – Tony – have you seen what happens to little girls and boys in Iraq when we accidently bomb their schools. They wrap them up in shrouds and load them on carts like wood and their parents mourn and cry and are destroyed. And how about the 2,000.000 prisoners in jails – we have an extrordinarily high percentage of people in jail here. And good Christians everywhere sort of like the idea that those prisoners lead lives that are not quite human – that we can almost torture them and that “wink, wink” when they are raped and brutalized – they somehow deserve it. Tony, your issues no longer matter to many. You have trivialized life for too long – it is harder and more serious and more in need of Christ’s love rather than your vindictive little media shows. As one who considers myself – pro-life – I find your entire organization to be counterproductive to thoughtful discourse,. My friend – bless his heart – hates people on welfare who take the tax money from those who work. He has never needed a job – he inherited everything. He hates gays because ….. well just because. And prisons – we should forget them. They deserve nothing. Non of us deserve anything Tony, it is all gift and circumstance and luck. We do have an obligation to care for the sick and the poor and visit the prisoner and clothe the naked and to bless the peacemakers. We are to be peacemakers. Oh, I forgot one – capital punishment -. Don’t you think the jesus who underwent capital punishment – might just see through it. See its empty and vindictive spirit. Tony, tony – your moral issues – aren’t. Sorry, this is more sarcastic than my usual self, but I spent 30 minutes exploring Tony’s webb site and came away a little sick.

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posted January 29, 2007 at 3:33 pm

It is not a fats from politics we should be undertaking david. It should be a casting off of the dust of our feet of both the GOP greedy and the Democrat sodomy. It is now time for Christians to be Christians and reject altogether these reprobates in the Democrat party wanting us to bedcome godless and hedonsitic like they are, and we should see the GOP for what it is as well. The rich wanting to stay rich.Both political parties are as evil as it gets. Democrats are more like godless-communists that care noting about morality, and Republicans care only about their limited finacial portfolios. Neither have anything to do with the Gospel that leads the Christian. FASTING? As in being silent?That’s satanic David. Time to repent of that adversarial position.It is now time to preach the Gospel and serve those that will follow the Truth of Christ Jesus.Simply put, it is easy to see the unimaginable evil of the Democrats under Pelosi and kennedy’s rule. George Bush has sided with evil men like Cheney and have produced the kind of fruit guys like that can only produce. Being silent has nothing to do with the Great Commission David. It is time to be more vocal then we have ever been as the Democrats in power look to inflict such horror on the Church . . . the likes of which GOP selfishness will pale in comparison to. Look at the snide and haughty Webb? He thinks he and his party are going lead Bush and his group? This is Sodom fighting Gomorrah. With the Sodomites gaining more and more power. It is time for us to take the same tact as Lot did. Or, that of the founders of the United States and get rid of all of them.

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posted January 29, 2007 at 3:36 pm

Of course, it bears mentioning that Jesus probably didn’t engage in “I told you so” either… Just a thought.

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posted January 29, 2007 at 6:55 pm

Why should we be suprised? With Bush, it has been, say one thing but do another. He is an equal opportunity disappointer for both his supporters and opponents.

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posted January 30, 2007 at 3:41 am

Anyone who believes what a politician says is… slooooooow. We all know politician have one objective – get elected – and then – stay elected, it is about being in power to advance the agenda of… those you owe. It is that simple.Sure, I believe there are those who want to serve the people. They also realize that to accomplish the goal of serving the people they have to take care of their backers. This includes the evangelicals… right now they can do that with lip service, is anyone really surprised? Here is the problem with Christians in politics. They think that God wants to use the political process to change the moral direction of a country. Hmmmmm… I don’t remember reading that God works this way. I do know that the Bible talks about how the Jewish folks in Jerusalem expected the Messiah to do things a bit differently then he did them. Do Christians learn nothing from the Bible? Do pastors teach their people nothing from the Bible? So, should Christians be involved in the process as they are… sure. Do they need to fast… I can’t see why. Maybe folks who are Christians will begin using their own heads instead of letting James Dobson vote through them. These organizations allow evangelicals to have a voice about things they are concerned about… I just can’t see how them stepping back would be helpful. David – come on… is Jesus so lame that he can really be marginalized? The litmus tests for Christians has always been Jesus… even pagans know enough about Jesus to know that he stands above all the silly political stuff. This isn’t the first time Jesus has been used… it won’t be the last… he always seems to come out one top… probably has something to do with that “Son of God” thing. I don’t even think the church as a whole will suffer… again, people – especially pagans – know the difference between what is real and what is fake. Enough of my blabbering… if I keep writing I will need to get my own blog!

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posted January 30, 2007 at 3:05 pm

Jesus is literally the Ultimate:”I told you so.”

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posted February 1, 2007 at 4:50 am

Thinker I respect you more that you will ever know. Thank you for your insight. You can not imagine how badly people like myself are thirsting for a sane, intelligent Christian to speak up.

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