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Last New Year’s eve (2005), Kim and I took out some index cards and wrote questions at the top of them. They were questions about the last year and about the year to come. Every so often this last year we’d look back at them to both remind ourselves that we had ever asked them and to see what we’d forgotten (most of them most of the time). Last night we took them out again and redid them for 2007. Here are the questions – I hope you may find them useful for you as you start 2007.

Who are the two people (outside of our family) I want to invest time in?

What are the two books I want to read or reread? [For 2006 mine were Augustine’s Confessions and the Bible. I failed on both counts.]

What are the two things I will act/live as if I believe?

What three things will I memorize? [For 2007 I want to memorize three of David’s psalms, a few great poems, and some of God’s promises from the Bible.]

What one thing do I want to quit?

What one fear will I confront?

What is the one sentence I want to define the year? [Mine for last year and this one is – I lived life fully one day at a time, receiving and giving love while praising God.]

Who are the two people I want to reconnect with?

What is the one trip I want to take? [For ’06 it was to go to Alaska…I don’t think I made it further west than St. Louis]

What are the three things I will pray for daily?

There are lots of questions that could be asked and lots of answers given. It just seemed to us that rather than try and make one or two resolutions, we wanted to try and reflect about all different parts of our lives. Now I hope I am better at remembering and practicing all of these things in 2007 than I was in 2006. Happy New Year!

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