J Walking

My sabbath ended late this afternoon and we (my friend and I) returned to the cancer ward… something I never really guessed I’d do again. But we went and I handed out some water and some lollipops and every person there solicited me to help save their child.
A few more pictures and descriptions to give you a sense of the place
This was the scene when we handed out a couple of pillows to children who desperately needed them.
This is Charles. Charles has endemic Burkitt’s lymphoma – a disease that, for whatever reason, is overwhelmingly found in equatorial Africa. He sleep on a dirty linoleum floor, under a desk. Tonight, however, he will at least have a pillow.
I don’t know this little boy’s name. His mother was standing next to me when another mother, carrying her little daughter whose eyes had to be removed because of her cancer, came to me asking for help. She wouldn’t let me take a picture of her daughter. This other woman insisted that I take one of her son.

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