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In case you missed the back and forth between Dr. Dobson and Sen. McCain it went something like this – Dr. Dobson said on a radio show that he wouldn’t ever support Sen. McCain for president. More details on what […]

Dear David, Consumer products like the iPhone carry loads of promises, both stated and unstated. They promise that: – you’ll be thrilled by using them– you’ll be cool by using them– you’ll have the one device you need to meet […]

My sabbath ended late this afternoon and we (my friend and I) returned to the cancer ward… something I never really guessed I’d do again. But we went and I handed out some water and some lollipops and every person […]

I’ve received several emails and read several comments about the death penalty – the gist is that I am wrong by opposing the death penalty. Two points: First, that may well be correct. I may be wrong. Perhaps the death […]

From a reader… My favorite little French saint – St. Therese of Lisieux – said, “If I am willing to serenely bear the burden of being displeasing to myself, I will be a pleasant place of shelter for Jesus.” Triumphalism […]

A reader’s comment: David, are there any people like the one you describe walking the halls of the White House, in Islamic countries? Does Iran’s leader or Syria’s head of state, care about the consequences of their violent actions? Don’t […]

I watched 60 Minutes this evening and saw President Bush’s interview. A few thoughts: – I watched him squirm during the discussion of Saddam Hussein’s hanging video and how he didn’t want to watch the actual hanging. If we can’t […]

Thanks for your most challenging post. As I jokingly IM’d you later it made me want to hit you. Why? Because it so boldly confronted me with the the challenges of this blog and with life in general. One of […]

I tuned in a couple of minutes late to watch my president talk about Iraq. I saw him standing and wondered if I was watching an old news clip of an old speech. I wondered why he wasn’t seated behind […]

(Patton here.) Thanks for the kind words, David. Ok, fair reader, look at the top of this blog. It says, and has long said: “David Kuo,” then “J-Walking.” Such a title might lead one to believe that this blog, so […]