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…in my post about Cory I wanted to make one thing clear. He wasn’t being given the answers to a standarized test – he (and the rest of his class) were given the answers to an ordinary academic midterm (actually […]

…I have received a number of emails requesting that I either shut down the comments part of this blog or block some comments because they distract from the broader discussion. I’ve thought about it a lot and for now have […]

…it isn’t his real name…and some of the details are changed to protect his identity – his choice of football and basketball teams for instance. Everything else is spot on. I need to write about him. He is a kid […]

Ok, a simple question…my friend Patton and I are creating a list of the top 10 sports “miracles” of all time. As you might imagine there has been much debate. So, two things. First, what do you think the top […]

Here are some more thoughts on that paragraph on love I quoted from Andrew Sullivan’s “blogalogue” with Sam Harris. A decade ago noted evangelical author Phillip Yancey wrote a book called What’s So Amazing About Grace. As the title suggests, […]

Elsewhere on the Beliefnet site Andrew Sullivan and Sam Harris are having a ‘blogalogue’. Honestly, I find Sam Harris’ blog entries pretty long and tired – the typical screed against faith…oh, it is irrational; oh, it doesn’t mesh with science; […]

Today she made it official – Sen. Hillary Clinton has announced that she is forming a presidential exploratory committee and that “I’m in. And I’m in to win.” It is among the least surprising political events in recent memory. It […]

…would be to truly live. From a reader: When my youngest child was almost 5, she was diagnosed with one of those nasty pediatric cancers. It took her childhood. She relapsed at 8 and somehow – against every odd that […]

I think I know why Patton was pushing me so hard to explore the greater significance of my initial glee over Apple’s new iPhone. He’s addicted to his own Blackberry/Treo/handheld thing. Patton, thank you for discussing the problem with us […]

I was interviewing someone yesterday for an article I am doing for a different publication. The person is prominent and highly regarded and deep and thoughtful and all such things…. I may never forget this quote from them: “We have […]