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Comments and emails about my last post about the lack of Republican representation on the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee raise concerns about my fairness:

Without more info I suspect you may be a little unfair on this one, David. After all, 5 of the 7 Democrats on the committee didn’t bother to attend either

They also raise concerns about not giving evangelicals enough credit for caring about New Orleans:

Around half (give or take, but likely give)of the volunteer relief workers are evangelicals and the other large block are from the far left of the political spectrum.

A couple points of clarification are in order.

First, my point isn’t about the number of Democrats on the committee that attended the hearing (actually 4 of the 7 attended – Sen. Obama is a member of the committee). My point is that not one Republican attended. Not one. That is the point of shame – that the party of Lincoln is now so far removed from the ideals of Lincoln on matters of poverty that not one Republican bothers going to look and see what is happening in the aftermath of Katrina.

Second, my ire about Christian response isn’t directed at the countless men and women who have been to New Orleans to help. It is directed at the Christian political powerbrokers who never bother to make poverty an issue. That is sad.

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