J Walking

I’ve started my search new music and it is sure fun. I can’t remember the last time I really set out to find and listen to new music. But thanks to all of your suggestions I have started. And I said previously I decided to start with the person I mocked – Bob Dylan.

Maybe the bar was so low that a chipmunk with an out of tune harmonica (do harmonicas go out of tune?) could have crossed over it. Maybe I spent too much of my life listening to Michael Jackson. Maybe I was just completely and totally wrong. (Duh.)

I love Modern Times, his new album. Thank you to all who suggested it. I’m currently listening to “Working Man’s Blues #2” over and over. I seem to recall that there is a “Working Man’s Blues” but I’m not that ambitious yet so I’m staying with the sequel. It is sweet and hopeful and innocent in its aged wisdom and anger and it keeps building and building in the most beautiful and subtle and seductive ways…

In you, my friend, I find no blame
Wanna look in my eyes, please do
No one can ever claim
That I took up arms against you
All across the peaceful sacred fields
They will lay you low
They’ll break your horns and slash you with steel
I say it so it must be so

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