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This isn’t about Jesus, isn’t about politics, isn’t even about bass fishing…but at points in my life this was probably just as important as any of them…sort of. The Pittsburgh Steelers. Ahhhh. Yes, we missed the playoffs. But really, who cares? We won the Super Bowl. I waited 27 years for that so I’m content for a very long time. It looks, however, like we are going to lose our coach.

Some Steelers players came from yesterday’s meeting with coach Bill Cowher believing even more firmly that he will quit as their coach.

Cowher met with his players and assistant coaches as a group yesterday morning and then spent the rest of the day meeting with each of them individually. The feeling in the organization — from management to the players — is that Cowher will step down after 15 seasons and with one year left on his contract.

I hope it ain’t so. But at least we beat the Bengals and kept them out of the playoffs. 🙂

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