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I love Apple. I love the iPod and iMac and iBook and macbook and macbook pro and all that stuff. I really, really love Apple. It started when I was a teenager and the man who was my unofficial grandfather – the man who helped bring my father to the US after World War II – gave me my first Mac. I wish that he was around to see the iPhone.

I’ve watched Steve Jobs entire keynote presentation at MacWorld yesterday. I’ve read scores of articles. I’ve driven friends nuts by fawning over the new phone and the brilliance of everyone at Apple. I feel so sorry for the poor folks at Microsoft who launched the very sorry thing called the Zune – direction competition to Apple’s iPod – only to find out that they launched something to compete with something old, something that will eventually be outdated by Apple’s new technology. A friend said, “You’ve got to feel for Gates. He’s sitting up there spending billions and thinking, ‘Why can’t my folks think this stuff up?'”

The phone is brilliant, perfect, wonderful. Do check it out for the sheer joy of seeing something that probably approximates technological perfection. I have goosebumps.

[Disclaimer – Yes, I do own a small amount of Apple stock.]

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