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December 2006 Archives

Opened my mail this afternoon to find a desperate fundraising plea from the Family Research Council. Plastered on the outside in big letters: “Liberals have revealed their 2007 agenda for America.” Inside, “94 percent of congressmen who stood with FRC…were […]

…to all those parents out there… is it wrong for a father (me) to conspire against his wife, his bride, the love of his life so he gets more of the tuck-ins of their little girl than she does? I […]

Beliefnet blogs – with the exception of my colleague Rod Dreher who must be truly living right – were down all weekend through yesterday afternoon. In a way it was a bummer because I didn’t get to write, and in […]

I heard part of your interview on XM as I was driving to pick up my daughter from Kindergarten today. Thank you for what you said. Especially poignant to me was your discussion of abortion and our society’s failure to […]

When I saw that John W. Whitehead of the controversial and Christian Rutherford Institute had written an article after the election about evangelicals and politics I figured it would be fairly predictable – Christians need to be more engaged, Republicans […] reports, “College student Carli Marino won this year’s “American Idol” style “Gospel Dream” talent contest with her debut album slated for 2007. “Youngest of 10 finalists, 19-year-old Marino launched her new gospel music recording career with millions of viewers […]

My Beliefnet colleague Alana B. Elias Kornfeld is a guest blogger – a blogger of conscience on Darfur: I am Jewish and I’ve often felt an inexplicable, magical power when I am in temple and worshipping with members of my […]

For those of you with XM and interest my interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz (better known as simply Dr. Oz) airs today at 1pm and 7pm on channel 156. I think it was the best interview of the past several […]

Andrew Sullivan has posted a wonderful piece from a reader: go here to read it.

My colleague Rod Dreher has written a brilliant entry about Iraq and today’s report. I encourage you to read it. Here is how it begins: Well, I’ve read as much of it as I can manage this afternoon, and it’s […]