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For those of you with XM and interest my interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz (better known as simply Dr. Oz) airs today at 1pm and 7pm on channel 156. I think it was the best interview of the past several months because it was the first time I really got to explore the deeply spiritual story that I tell. Here is the blurb from the Oprah and Friends site:

David Kuo has worked for some of the leading conservative leaders in Washington, and played a big role in many of the faith-based initiatives from the Bush administration. In April 2003, the bestselling author and political columnist was diagnosed with a brain tumor and told he had just weeks to live. Dr. Oz talks to David about his journey of faith and survival, which he recounts in his newest book, Tempting Faith.

With the initial grim diagnosis, David says he started to pray for healing along with friends and family members. He believes prayer played a role in his ability to recover from what was initially believed to be an incurable brain tumor. Three years later, despite ongoing uncertainty and occasional seizures due to his condition, David is still going strong.

His book, Tempting Faith, has been argued by some to be a political tell-all book about the Bush administration’s dealings with social conservatives. From David’s perspective, it was an honest appraisal of the challenges faced by the religious movement in America. Overall, David says his book is less about politics than it is about his own “deeply personal, spiritual journey.”

“[It] was this brain tumor that finally brought me to the point of being able to say, ‘There are certain truths that I believe that I need to stand up for and I need to say,'” David says. “I think that having a serious illness encourages you to speak the truth.”

Apparently you can listen to this without XM by going to the Oprah and Friends website and clicking on the XM button.

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