J Walking

It can’t be true…

– a virgin birth?
– an old pregnant cousin?
– angels appearing left and right?
– God become not just man but a baby?
– astrologers from the east?
– a murderous king?
– a loyal husband?
– a birthing room attended by cows?

It makes no sense. Plus, the stories all contradict each other, right? They aren’t reliable.

But what if… what if the stories tell different parts of the same story? and what if the differences themselves are the greatest proof that these stories have been recorded accurately? after all, smoothing out the differences would have been pretty easy. What if all that stuff were really true and the story is real and the greatest thing about this season is that we are commemorating a miracle?

It seems insane amidst the need to run off and buy more stuff and get the perfect gift and make cider and decorate the tree and put up lights and…. It even seems a bit nuts given old phrases like “Jesus is the reason for the season.” But what if it is simply true?

That is, I think, a good thing to consider.

I am taking a blogging break until Thursday the 28th of December. After that date I will be blogging more than I ever have but until that date I am going to be resting and celebrating and considering the impossible.

Thank you for reading my blog these past few months. Thank you for emails and comments and thoughts and prayers. Merry Christmas.

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