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News reports like this one reveal that U2’s Bono was “…alarmed we could not get a commitment from the Democratic leadership to prevent the loss of $1b in the continuing resolution to fight AIDS, malaria and extreme poverty.” The problem, of course, isn’t just a Democratic fault or a Republican fault (as both parties point out). It is, rather, just a political problem arising from no new appropriations (money) for the government.

Why do I point this out?

A couple of reasons. First, to just express sadness that in the midst of their politicking, our political leaders didn’t do their jobs even though they were out there trying to get reelected to do their jobs. It isn’t a big deal except when it is a big deal – like to the people who will now die because that money was expended. It is, I think, further evidence of the need for a fast from politics. Everyone hold back your money from supporting these candidates until they do what they are supposed to do.

Second, I am reminded of Bono’s lyrics in U2’s famed song I still haven’t found what I’m looking for... there he sings, “I have held the hand of the devil, it was warm in the night and I was cold as a stone.” That sentiment is true not only of the temptations that the night often brings but of the political tempations too…

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